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I’ll Take Care Of Myself Videoshoot: behind the scenes


This time I wanna share with you my experience while shooting
I’ll Take Care of Myself, my second music video and give you a closer look
on what happens on the set.

First of all it’s one of the most incredible and fun things you can
do; as an un and coming artist today to deliver the visual idea
you have in mind it’s as important as making a good quality track.
How can you do that though?
I guess there’s no right or wrong answers but for me what really
matters is to work with someone who has an open creative mind
and that makes you feel comfortable.
At the same time though, a music video is a game for two:
you (the artist) have your responsibilities and the director has his.

I understood that a lot while shooting, my creative input was
always there and I prepared myself while I was at home so that
I felt ready on the set rather than just improvising.

The research process helped me a lot, I watched other
‘mainstream’ artists video, looked at dance moves or
choreographies, stuff like that.


Acting together with the fantastic actress Veronica Rega was also quite a new experience;
I didn’t know her before the shooting and I was hoping I would have got along with her,
as in this crazy industry you’ll never know who you’ll find yourself working with.

It’s been an absolute pleasure instead,  have another person with you in front of the camera always
makes you feel chilled, relaxed and also more confident.

We’ve been basically pissing ourselves laughing all the time we had a break and
she has been incredibly professional,always on time, always spot on.
Definitely something inspiring and that I always admire.


As I said before, finding the right director who is able to
transcribe your ideas to the camera is really hard but I was lucky
enough to find it. His name is Stefano Salvatori.
Together with his team (comprehending Maurizio Di Loreti as
photography director) Stefano is an artist; he is so passionate
about what he does and has an incredible creative mind.
Working with him has been a joy and also very easy; I felt super
comfortable in asking him things while we were shooting or
telling him I did not like the take.


There’s not much more I can say because I don’t wanna give you
any detail about the video that will be released soon but
I definitely need to tell you my experience while shooting
under ‘fake’ rain.

It was so funny and exciting at the same time, at 1AM
in the morning me and Veronica were soaking wet. The hardest
thing though was when I had to take my shoes off and to a whole
take under the rain with my bare feet. I can’t even tell you how
cold I was, nearly shaking; hard when at the same time you need
to be credible in front of the camera delivering
the message within your song.


Shooting a music video it’s a very fun, hard working but fantastic
learning experience; I shared with you mine, I hope you liked it

Andrea x

If you want you can listen to it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

Photo by Aeterna Photography Studio

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