About Andrea

Music really is a powerful thing. It’s a form of expression, a creative outlet, and in the case of Italian singer-songwriter Andrea Di Giovanni, and expression of truth.  

Born into a strictly observant Catholic family, Andrea grew up in Rome as the middle child between his older brother and younger sister. His mother, who came from a large Italian family, installed in him the values of sticking together and protecting each other… something Andrea still holds dear. 

Despite his close family unit, it was outside of the family home that Andrea struggled to fit into society. Diagnosed with Vitiligo at the age of 5, and teased for his feminine manners, he was an easy target for bullies as a child. Becoming aware of his own sexuality from a young age left him confused about his feelings, often feeling shameful and full of guilt. His only release was to sing, and when he did so, he felt completely invincible. 

Taking his inspiration from the greats; Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson and Queen, Andrea started singing lessons at the age of 8 years old. Though he respected his mother’s wishes and finished his education, it wasn’t long before Andrea was making a name for himself within the Italian music industry. Chosen as the face of Song4Life, a national alcohol awareness campaign and participating in the TV show Amici di Maria de Filippi, he began to carve out his own story. 

Struggling with life in the limelight, Andrea experienced episodes of anxiety and depression but found solace and strength through his songwriting.  In 2016 his single ‘Hold Me Once More’ was picked up by MTV New Generation, and he was named Artist of the Month. 

Making the decision to be the master of his own destiny, Andrea packed his bags and headed to London, not only in pursuit of a career in music but in search of a place where he felt more comfortable expressing his sexuality. 

Since his move to the capital, Andrea’s career has gone from strength to strength; having performed at Brighton Pride in front of 300,000 people, as well as a very special live show at Shepherds Bush Empire as part of his final showcase for his university course at BIMM. He has also filmed a live session with Sofar Sounds London and has clocked up hundreds of thousands of views on his Vevo channel. 

Having focused on his writing over the last year, Andrea is set to release a number of new singles in the next few months. Influenced by a wide variety of styles and genres, his delivery of playful, quirky electronic pop is enough to get you moving, yet at the same time, his compelling honesty makes you want to stop and listen intently. 

“Nowadays where everything else is polluted, art remains the only pure form of communication; only art speaks the real truth about society and you can't tame it.”  - Andrea Di Giovanni 

It is this honesty, raw at times, that is the center of Andrea’s love for fashion.  Mixing the androgynous style often portrayed by designers like Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga, with black leather, weird shapes, and textures, he believes that the clothes you wear should be an extension of your soul. 

His individual flair and charisma caught the eye of Drag Race superstar Ru Paul, who has supported him openly on Twitter. This became a significant milestone for Andrea, who felt even more enabled to push the boundaries of a 'masculine' society and embrace his individuality. 

His favourite quote remains:

Unless they're paying your bills, pay them b*tches no mind - RuPaul